1927 Lynch Street

Single Family Gut Rehab

Benton Park Neighborhood

HISTORY: Leo Rassieur Rental Property [former site]

Since no original building permits were found for this property, we do not know when the house that originally stood here was built, but we do know that Leo Rassieur bought it in 1873 and it remained in his family until 1942.

Mr. Rassieur was a successful lawyer who acquired the property as an investment. An outline of the house shows up in the 1883 Hopkins St. Louis Atlas and the 1900 census documents a butcher and his family living there.

After that, not much is known but we can presume that eventually the house fell into a state of disrepair as it was torn down in 1997. Millennium bought the empty lot in 2005 and worked to design a house that is sensitive to the context of this historic neighborhood.

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